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The Impact of Coronavirus: Possible Timeframe

With the COVID-19 pandemic, and social distancing the new normal for flattening the curve, how long is the situation likely to continue? Best case scenarios are saying anywhere from 3 to 8 months, but spikes in cases might see social distancing and travel restrictions enforced periodically in the future.

The truth is that we are now living in a very different world, and will have to navigate our way into, and through, the “new normal” and what it involves.

This will impact a huge number of businesses and these will have to adjust their business models accordingly.

It is food for thought that the activities which are accessible thanks to our beautiful greenbelt, are still low risk and encouraged – walking, cycling, gardening, playing outdoors, riding our horses.

It is interesting how many people are able to work from home when emergency circumstances require it, and what a difference this has made to our traffic.

Schools are already investigating online learning options as a short term necessity that may also provide a longer term solution.

To conclude, Kyalami News urges all businesses and individuals to adhere to the social distancing restrictions as strictly as possible. We emphasise, the more stringently we enforce these parameters now, the shorter the timeframe is likely to be. The more stringently we enforce them now, the shorter the duration of the economic impact will be, even though it feels difficult now.

HERE is an interesting link to an article that discusses the timeline.

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