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Saving Wild Animals with the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet

When finding a baby animal, assisting animals with an injury and supporting an animal based not-for-profit organisation, do you know who you’re supporting and what they stand for?

Animal rescue and rehabilitation is a process, and the organisation you choose to assist you and the animal further is just as important! Proper animal care requires veterinary help as many medications and protocols are overseen by veterinary professionals.

Did you know that some organisations are approved by the NSPCA as adhering to best practices and welfare of animals?

Did you know that in order to transport, care for and temporarily house indigenous wildlife, permits are required by law?

We’re proud to share that not only are every single member of our core team permitted in accordance with GDARD, but we are accredited and approved with the NSPCA as well as the vet council!

We LOVE being your ‘go to’ for urban wildlife queries, and care. Adhering to and ensuring that we comply at all times (including ad-hoc inspections!) keeps us on our toes, but also ensures we are always at our highest standard to offer the best care we’re capable of.

A special thanks to our supporters for bringing your urban wildlife queries and patients, as well as your donations. You ensure we can give of our best, which means so many success stories for many of our patients!

We treat indigenous animals free of charge, relying solely on the donations and support of our community.

BANK TRANSFER: Johannesburg Wildlife NPC  FNB Cheque account Account nr: 62658400264 Branch code: 255355 Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Click HERE to visit their Facebook page.

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