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Our Kyalami Conservancy Explained

There has recently been some debate on social media, and misinformation spread, about what living in a conservancy means. A GEKCO committee member has kindly provided information on the background of the Kyalami conservancy and what role it plays.

The Conservancy was established in 2007 with a public participation process. The establishment of Gekco was advertised in the press and through the local schools and residents associations. GEKCO is a member of the National Association of Conservancies / Stewardships SA and has always met, and still meets, all of the legislative requirements.

The Conservancy does not, nor does it claim to have the mandate and thus jurisdiction over all or any of the properties within the borders of the Conservancy. It has not changed any of the rights or any legislation relevant to a property and the owners rights.

ALL the Conservancy does is work to ensure that all the Municipal, City, Provincial and National laws, regulations and guidelines are met within the area it has demarcated. The City Of Johannesburg itself has proclaimed this area a green zone. The Gauteng Province has recognised it as a special management zone due to the wetlands, threatened species and the like.

GEKCO has been applauded repeatedly by Region A of the CoJ (City of Johannesburg) for assisting it to meet the guidelines and regulations in the area. The CoJ is being unsustainably burdened by rampant urban sprawl which is causing the infrastructure which is already at capacity to regularly fail.

If you or others would like to protect the open space / wetlands / species and equestrian heritage then sign up as members.

To sign up go to www.gekco.co.za

Email info@gekco.co.za to find out more or confirm membership.

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