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JUST Report Back on SDF & Nodal Review, and Implications for Kyalami

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

A meeting at Kyalami Country Club was presented by JUST (Joburg United for a Sustainable Tomorrow) on Wednesday 10th April, 2019, and was well attended.

It dealt with areas of concern regarding the new SDF, Nodal review, and associated legislation and how it would impact Agricultural Holdings.

The affect on all properties in Johannesburg was addressed as well.

The implications of this legislation are horrendous and will have a universally negative impact. Loss of property values, densification without infrastructure, allowing 2 additional dwellings without getting neighbours consent, opening businesses, spazas, nightclubs, house shops, storage units and a host of other types of business will be approved, to operate out of residential properties.

Also discussed were inclusionary housing within developments and what the implications will be, as well as the difference between inclusionary housing and low cost housing, they are very.

Tribunals were also mentioned and it was asked if any objectors had won at a tribunal over the last few years against a developer or a development that impacts the community. The answer was a clear NO, indicating the tribunal process is very flawed and that there should be an independent body adjudicating the City’s tribunals.

The new legislation did not follow proper public participation. The Nodal review will be voted on within the next few months and we need to pressure our representatives not to support it unless significant community participation is undertaken and significant changes are made.

The fact that some of this legislation has now been approved, means that it is in effect law. The only way for residents to make changes is to mount a legal challenge through the High Court and have the legislation repealed, based on a number of procedural issues that were not followed.

One of the most problematic issues raised at the meeting was the new Nodal development policy that COJ wants to pass. This covers a significant percentage of Johannesburg, as well as large parts of Midrand. The type of densification proposed in some places takes units per hectare from around 4 units to a minimum of 80 units and up to several hundred units per hectare. The infrastructure in many of these areas was originally designed for 4 units per hectare and the COJ has no cohesive plan to implement further infrastructure to support the densification other than forcing developers into installing infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of their development, to the detriment of the rest of the community – sewage leaks, intolerable traffic, shortages of electricity and water etc.. Clearly there is no proper plan in place to implement these densification policies.

Another big concern is that COJ is already operating  on a water supply deficit and the sewage infrastructure in many instances requires pumping 24/7 in order to function. When exposed to power outages, raw sewage overflows into storm water and water courses. There appears to be no plan to address these issues either.

This has a huge impact on everyone but has the greatest impact on the poorest communities living on the banks of these water courses such as Diepsloot and Alexandra.

JUST has met with advocates who are preparing the legal challenge. Both senior advocates have indicated clear cases of lack of valid public participation.

Every property owner in Johannesburg is affected by the land use scheme and needs to be informed in order to contribute or assist.

Applications are being received i.t.o the land use scheme in unsuspecting areas that have never entertained high density development before (some 200+/ha) leaving residents angered and floundering (Melrose, Ferndale and large single dwelling areas in the South).

In our area (Greater Kyalami), the additional densities recently applied for by the Whisken are an example of how developers will use the land use scheme to their advantage and to get additional densities.

In agricultural zoning the coverage has been increased by 30%, this was never in the original draft for comment nor was the inclusion of new uses which ordinarily would be accommodated in commercial or industrial zoned areas. ie storage units.

More funding is required for the legal fight, and JUST needs all possible support from residents.

For more information please email kyalamiplan@gmail.com

Here is the new JUST Facebook group.

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