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Dog Poisonings: PetEMed Now Available

Pet-E-Med is a new product on the market – it is an Activated Charcoal based product administered orally via syringe tube, that helps to neutralise poisons and toxins in your pet’s system before they can be absorbed by the system. As dog poisonings are a growing problem in the wider area, all dog and cat owners should look at keeping this for emergencies and some suburbs are buying stock for their armed response so that if a poisoned dog is found, armed response can react immediately and bring the remedy.

This product does not replace medical/ veterinary treatment ... but it buys you valuable and important time to get your animal to the vet. As most poisonings happen in the night or early hours of the morning, veterinary treatment for poisoning is often delayed.  The product comes in a handy calibrated tube (according to weight ) and has a nozzle for administration orally. This makes it much easier to administer to a cat or dog even if they are suffering from poison and having seizures – administering tablets is very difficult when an animal’s jaws are clenched shut.

Pet-E-Med is available online or at most vets / pet stores. Buy stock now and save your dog’s life!

Please note that for our Kyalami area the closest 24 hour emergency vet is Fourways Vet: 011 705 3411.

Pet owners are advised to keep dogs inside at night to prevent opportunistic poisoning.

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