Art of Synergy - Circus Dance and Training School

Art of Synergy - Circus Dance and Training School

Art of Synergy is the biggest Circus Dance and Training School in South Africa.

We have classes that cater for children, kids birthday parties, adults classes and aspiring aerial artists aswell as team building for all occasions

The Art of Synergy team performs in many international and local corporates events, with teachers trained internationally in circus and dance.

Come and fly with us!!

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Cell: 0768569464

Kids’ Vitamin Supplements and General Health

To order, contact Yvonne Lacey

Mobile: 082 893 6700
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Hair Tips Going Into Winter

By Wesley Pullen 

The Express Chair Mobile Hair Salon

082 521 2040

We all know that the Autumn/Winter season can be really dry and hair can take a beating! Here are some tips and tricks to get through the winter period with ease.


Commit to regular treatments

Dry air means all hair textures should focus on regular hair treatments to replace lost moisture. Once a week, you should baby your hair: Slather a good conditioner on and take 30 minutes for the moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft.


Go easy on the heat styling

All that heat and dryness will result in split ends and breakage. I advise avid use of heat protection, including leave-in conditioners, to prevent breakage. Also try protective styles, such as braids, buns, twists, and ponytails, which give hair time off from the heat routine.


Do NOT go to sleep with wet hair

The way I see going to sleep with wet hair, is like leaving a wet towel on the floor! (gross). This applies to all seasons of the year. Rather wash your hair in the morning, and let your hair air dry. Going to sleep with wet hair can cause many unwanted scalp conditions, itchiness and smelly hair. AND, you can also get sick.


Go for regular cuts 

A good hair cut is the best solution/prevention to any damage. Its the best way to keep your hair healthy and in stylish shape.

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