TTRS - Touch Typing, Read and Spell

Scholars are you tired of being told you have untidy handwriting or that you need to pick up your work pace? Then this is the course for you!​

Are you wanting to pick up your work pace in 2018?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, book now !!

• Are you always the last one in the office?

• Are you always having to extend your deadlines?

• Are you writing reports over the weekends?

• Do you find answering emails a lengthy process?

This course is open to all, from the age of 7 years and upwards, this includes adults who are most welcome. The package includes nine, 40 minute sessions and a month free access at home. Once the month is completed, you will receive a certificate.


COST: R1500.00 per student

DATE: 10,17 and 24 March 2018

TIME: 8am – 11am

(Please provide students with snacks and drinks for the breaks)

Venue: Kyalami Prep School, 10 Lyndore Road, Cnr Maple Avenue Willaway.

Bookings: Please contact Noel Grey on 072 546 4769 or

Back To School - Are You Ready?

Neurofeedback is safe, non-invasive, painless and drug free brainwave regulation that produces permanent positive changes in the brain.


Calming and stabilising brain wave activity helps children shift emotional and behavioural states to overcome:

ADHD, hyperactivity & attentional issues; ADD, focus and concentration problems without hyperactivity; School & Academic Performance; Anxiety, Depression and Emotional Regulation; Dyslexia and learning disabilities; Sleep and Impulsivity problems.

Our clients impressive results include:

• Improved academic performance - 7-15% increase in marks.

• Improved social interaction with siblings and peers.

• Improved ability to focus with far fewer disruptions or emotional outbursts.

• Calmer, happier children and adolescents.


Tel: 011 267 0539

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