Does Your Business Work for You or Do You Work for Your Business?

Greg Mason, bizHQ Business & Executive Coach

The Kyalami neighbourhood has a large number of ‘self-employed people’ and ‘business owners’ in the community. It’s possibly because our area offers a particular lifestyle that attracts people who want to escape the city life and the daily corporate grind that goes with it.


In order to achieve that lifestyle goal, you need to ensure that your business works for you, rather than you working for your business. 


As a business and executive coach, you would assume I would be preaching about business goals, plans and targets. And I do. But the first step is a step backwards to identify your personal dreams. Why? Because your business should be an enabler for your own personal goals.


What gets you up in the morning to face another day at work? What motivates you to take risks to grow the business? An objective to increase market share or improve profits is not motivation enough. If your personal goal is to spend more time with your young children, your business strategy needs to limit your time away from home. If your personal goal is to pay off your bond on your house, you need to focus your business strategy on generating maximum income. 


As we start the downward spiral to the silly season, spend time thinking about your personal goals and dreams. Review your bucket list. Convert your dreams into goals by writing them down. Then think about them all the time. Unsuccessful people think and talk about their problems and worries. Successful people think about solutions, positive outcomes, what they want, and what they are doing to achieve it. It leverages the law of attraction. If you are specific about what you want to achieve, and have a positive attitude and discipline, you will find things fall into place over time.


As a business owner, perhaps it is time to take that step backwards and review your personal goals. What is your business doing to enable those dreams to become a reality?


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