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March 2020 Issue 2

SA Coronavirus Site Operational – Water Saving Tips for Gardeners – Gracepoint Services Move Online
Jhb Wildlife Vet Celebrates 3rd Birthday – Equestrian Outlets Hit by Crime – Possible Timeframe for Coronavirus Restrictions – Offer to Kyalami Businesses and Restaurants

March 2020 Issue 1

Hair Workshop has Relocated to Glenferness – Cluny Dairy Farm Needs Your Support – Gate Motor Theft on Increase
Memories Corner: Shaguma Restaurant and Sparkling Lashes and Beauty – Gracepoint Alpha Youth Course – EEV Outbreak in Benoni – 2020 Night of 1000 Drawings Fundraiser - Register as an IAP for Balwin Munyaka Lagoon

February 2020 Issue 1

Heavy Flooding Along Proposed K56 Route – Leeuwkop Implements Pompom Weed Removal – AHS Cases in Kyalami
Gracepoint Alpha Youth from 6th March – Rides R Us: Safe Kids Transport – Make Your Garden Bat Friendly – Antiques and Collectibles at Memories Corner

January 2020 Issue 2

Local Motorbiker Endangering Equestrians – Have Your Say on Expropriation without Compensation – Night Cycle Ahead
Home Bakers: New Store for All Your Needs – Valentines Dinner at the Castle – New Hair Salon at Memories Corner – Gracepoint 2020 “Alpha” Course Begins

January 2020 Issue 1

Kyalami Boet Fight Goes Viral – Fitness Dance Sessions Available – Burning Refuse is Illegal
Bible College Training Available – Antiques and Collectibles in Kyalami – Eradicate Pom Pom Weed Urgently – Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

December 2019 Issue 1

Bullfrog Alert: Send Your Reports and Take Survey – Indigenous Plants: Festive Gift Ideas – Donate to Our Local Road Sweepers
Meet the O-Yes Property Sales Team – Stabling Available in Kyalami – Chinese Massage Services – Cycle Sales and Repair – Christmas Services at Gracepoint

November 2019 Issue 2

Importance of Wildlife Corridors – Festive Markets Ahead – Gekco 2020 Calendars Available
Holiday Security Checklist – Tack Thefts Continue
Local Businesses: Power Backup Supplies – Antiques and Collectibles

November 2019 Issue 1

Petition Opposing Illegal Billboards – Eskom Addresses Owl Electrocution Issue – Look Out for Bullfrogs on Roads
Christmas Market and Carols Night – Open Source Solutions for PCs – Power Backup Supplies – Antiques and Collectibles

October 2019 Issue 2

Petition to Stop Inappropriate Development in Kyalami – Invasive Plants Workshop Ahead – SPCA Midrand Outreach in Ivory Park
Spruit Day a Success – Gracepoint “Closer” Worship Ahead – Local Businesses: Maiden Electronics Power Supplies, Barclay & Clegg Lingerie & Swimwear – Oh Yes! Property Services: Buy, Sell & Win – Memories Antiques & Collectibles

October 2019 Issue 1

Tree Felled for Ad Billboard – Sewer Line Battle Continues
Spruit Day Clean Up Ahead
Watch Out for Bullfrogs After Rains – Fireworks Upcoming
Glenferness House Rental – Job Opportunity at Decor Store
Water Wise Planting – Power Backup Supplies – Antiques and Collectibles

September 2019 Issue 2

Our Kyalami Conservancy Explained – SA Derby Ahead at KPC – Barclay & Clegg Opens in Lonehill – The Role of JUST in Jhb – Borer Beetle Control in Springtime
Local Businesses: Saddle Fitting Services, Plastic Planks and Poles, Power Backup for Storm Season, Lingerie & Swimwear Specialists in Lonehill, Artreach Creative Concepts, Memories Antiques & Collectibles

September 2019 Issue 1

New Remedy Helps Fight Pet Poisoning –
Beaulieu Sewer Line Construction Stopped – Horse Riding Lessons at Pine Ridge Equestrian – Diepsloot Peaceful During Xenophobic Conflict
Business and Events: Family Fun Run at Gracepoint,
Lipizzaner Fundraiser Golf Day, Rugby World Cup Opening Game at Gracepoint, Maths & English After School Learning,
Backup Power for Storm Season, Memories Antiques and Collectibles, Heritage Day Gardening Tips

August 2019 Issue 2

Local Model Plane Artist Robbed by Police - Concert Moved after Community’s Outcry - Join the Fun Run at Gracepoint - Safety Tips to Avoid Drunk Drivers
Local Businesses, Jobs and Events: Decor Store Manager Required, Whisken Delivers Pet Food to your Door, Benefits of Singing Lessons, Krystal Panda at Memories Corner, Fly Repellent for Horses & Dogs

August 2019 Issue 1

Concerns Over Proposed Kyalami Development – GRASS Tackles Problem Glenferness Property – Lipizzaner Fundraiser Gala Dinner Ahead 

Local Businesses – Plastic Poles and Planks, Memories Antiques & Collectables, Pine Ridge Stables Horse Riding Lessons, Grow Wild Indigenous Nursery

JULY 2019 Issue 2

Kyalami Resident Starts Runaway Fire – Caracal Kitten Rescue at Jhb Wildlife Vet –

A Day at Ascot with SA Lipizzaners
Businesses: Krystal Panda, Singing Lessons, Power Supplies

JULY 2019 Issue 1

Safety Checklist for House Fires – SPCA Midrand Robbed
Tack Thefts in Kyalami
Businesses: How Neurofeedback Can Help You – Touch Typing and Study Skills Tuition – Power Backup Supplies – Pet Food Delivered – Equine Insect Control and More

June 2019 Issue 2

Drone Fundraising to Fight Crime – Residents Object to Multiple Same-Day Tribunals

Terrapin Saved & Released
Support Local Businesses: Gas Cylinder Refills, Singing Lessons, Car Battery Fitment & More!

June 2019 Issue 1

Special Report: Horror Crashes in Kyalami – BCE Revamps Midrand SAPS Counselling Rooms

Hay & Fodder Shortage Ahead – Planned Water Shutdown

Local Businesses: Cost Effective Septic Tank Solutions – Neurofeedback for Positive Change

Backup Power Supplies – Indigenous Nursery – Antiques & Collectibles

May 2019 Issue 2

New SDF & Nodal Review Threatens Kyalami – Feeding Bees During Winter

Security: Bike Theft & Fence Cutting

Local Business & Services: Addiction Support Groups, Car Battery Fitment,

Singing Lessons, Nails & Spa Services, Leather Bags & Decor


May 2019 Issue 1
Whisken Applies for Higher Density – Borer Beetle Education Morning – Kittens Available for Adoption
Imported Designer Clothing, Neurofeedback Services, Power Supplies and More

April 2019 Issue 2

Noise Threat with Proposed Concert Venue at Riversands
Wildlife Rehabilitation Course Ahead - New Hijacking M.O. in Midrand
Support Groups for Illness / Addiction
Local Businesses: Doggy Daycare, Power Backup Supplies,
Delicious Meals Delivered, Equestrian Saddle Fitting Demo and More

April 2019 Issue 1

Mall of Africa Noise Impacts Residents - Exciting Results from Grass Owl Survey
Dog Poisonings in Fourways 
Local Businesses and Events: Power Backup Supplies, 

Easter Services, Specialist Timber Furniture

March 2019 Issue 2

Yellow Billed Kite & Secretary Bird Rescued – Grooms' AHS Info Evening
Free Security Risk Assessment Offered – Cottage For Rent in Beaulieu

March 2019 Issue 1

Jhb Residents Challenge Nodal Review – Grass Owl Survey Results Promising

Smash & Grab Alerts – Saddlebrook Home to Rent

February 2019 Issue 2

African Horsesickness Fatality in Kyalami – Spotted Eagle Owl Photographed

Inclusionary Housing Policy Approved

Local Businesses: Car Battery Fitment and Tactical Guarding

February 2019 Issue 1

Huge Concerns over Proposed Open Air Venue - Pink Pompom Pestilence
Local Businesses: Kids Transport, Nursery School, Backup Power, Business & Study Coaching,
Antiques & Collectibles

January 2019 Issue 2

Last Chance to Register for K56 WUL - Flamingos and Bush Babies Need Your Help - Local Businesses: Homemade Ice Cream, Language Academy, Car Battery Fitment, Car Wash, Produce Market and more

January 2019 Issue 1

SPCA's Courageous Kitten Rescue - Bullfrogs on Roads - K56: An Engineering Analysis -
Local Businesses: Kids' Transport, Nursery School, Backup Power, Antiques & Collectibles

December 2018 Issue 2

Diepsloot Flooding: Dangers of Building in Wetlands – Fireworks Cancelled at Saint Hill Event

Nails & Lashes at Memories Corner - Gracepoint Alpha Course Intro

December 2018 Issue 1

Avoid Trouble with Sole Mandates - Fish Eagle Sighted in Helderfontein
K56 WUL Comment Period Extended to 4th Feb
Lipizzaner Festive Shows, Equestrian Gear Trends, Create an Owl Friendly Plot and More

November 2018 Issue 2

Midrand’s Water Crisis Explained – Last Chance to Stop K56 – Momentum, Social Media & SA
Local Businesses, Carol Services, Markets, Fairs & More!

November 2018 Issue 1

Register as IAP for K56 Water Use License Application – Sewage Spill In Beaulieu –
Donations Needed for Shumbashaba and SAPS
LOCAL BUSINESSES: Hair Salons, Car Batteries, Gas Cylinder Refills / Installations,

Saddle Fitting, Christmas Markets & More

October 2018 Issue 2

Beware Double Commission on House Sales - R55 / Main Chaos Ahead
Rescued Pangolin Tube-Fed
Support Local: Back Up Power, Health Supplements,

Gracepoint Carol Evening & Market, Memories Antiques Fair

October 2018 Issue 1

YFM Concert Stopped – Fake Police: What to Do - Community Rallies to Find Lost Cat
Local Businesses: Wi-Fi Control, Health Supplements, Kids’ Transport, Gifts,

Hairdressing, Horse Fly Sheets & More

September 2018 Issue 2

Special Report: Marijuana's Legal... Now What?
Midge Plague Hits Horses - Craft Workshops, Backup Power & More Local Businesses 

September 2018 Issue 1

Acacia Rd Sewage Station Inspected - Mayor in Glenferness for Spruit Day Clean Up
Support Local Businesses: Framing, Optometrist, Car Batteries & More!

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