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Kyalami News is an e-newsletter, distributed every two weeks. It keeps the community informed about activities and events in and around Greater Kyalami, as well as security updates, wildlife sightings, proposed developments, equestrian news, local businesses, properties for sale/rent, and more! Our aim is to help residents and visitors get maximum value and enjoyment out of this beautiful area, while supporting our local businesses.

Kyalami Sunset

Greater Kyalami – A unique country area, close to the heart of Johannesburg.


Greater Kyalami is a greenbelt and conservancy that includes Beaulieu, Glenferness, Kyalami AH, Kyalami Ridge and Sun Valley. It is part of the City of Johannesburg’s Green Zone, outside the urban development boundary. This zoning limits development in the area and promotes agricultural, leisure and sporting activities.

Kyalami Activities

Greater Kyalami is made up of large plots and open spaces with a strong equestrian presence. People live here, and travel here, to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in an area that is close to nature.

The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including endangered species. Jackal are frequently heard and often seen by horse riders.  Grass owls inhabit the area, along with giant bullfrogs, mongoose, genets, otters, scrub hares, hedgehogs, porcupines, tortoises and water monitors. Greater Kyalami also contains important wetlands and is home to Egoli Granite Grassland, which occurs nowhere else.

Kyalami Fauna and Flora